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Reviewed by: Dexterholland - London, Ontario, Canada - for the song : Sophie's legs 
A funky shade of weird
Nice guitar playing, a real rocking track, with some jazz over tones. Really funky. I haven' heard a lot of music like it before.


Reviewed by: WatsonRock - Toronto, Ontario, Canada -for the song : Martha - 05 28 2001
Grooves ! good vibe !
Extra Credit:  Male Vocals, Production
Special Award: Best Potential Movie Soundtrack


 Reviewed by: ElvisKing - Fort Worth, Texas  USA- For the song : Martha  06 06 2001
Got That Rush Thang
Very original. I really like some of the unique touches (the progression, yodelling, scat). Great mix of jass and rock. I wouldn't change a thing.


Reviewed by: powerpufgurl666  Toronto, Canada For the song :No message -  06 18 2001
Kool , I really liked this track. it was very interesting. i really liked it and i think a lot of others will to! rock on!
Extra Credit: Guitars, Drums, Bass, Keyboards/Organ/Piano, Sequencer/Effects Programming, Production, Melody, Beat, Mood


Reviewed by: - KASHMRTRIP Greensboro, North Carolina USA-- For The song :No message
Starts, like a Harley, with a growl..
The song didn't last long enough. That's a cool tune, one that could have possibly gone on for 10 min's or so.... I like the way it started, very moody. Good use of guitar effects with the slow, brooding tempo, the guitar player played (not just with but) to the effect. Very nice sounds, expertly played. A serious player hides behind the nuances there. The voice has an element of John Popper about it. There's a natural soul and ability to it, the voice carries well without having to force itself. I like the phrasing, too. Drums are tight, very apt. The fills are where they should be, the rhythm is constant but scarce when more tenuousness of sound is called for. The band does a great job. Let the song go next time. I would like to hear where it goes. I've only been doing this reviewing thing for a bit; I've not seen a "5" overall yet, but you guys are among a very PRECIOUS few "4's"... Great musicianship, great arrangement.... let the jam out, fella's...
Extra Credit: Guitars, Drums, Production, Mood
Special Award: Most Rocking Track


Reviewed by: GLARE-- Livonia, Michigan USA-for the song : Martha
Very impressive guitar work!
This is really cool, original stuff. Strong rhythm. I thought the guitars were excellent. The song moved from part to part a little abruptly, but it's something that someone would get used to after a few listens. Vocal style kind of Chili Peppery, not the strongest point, in my opinion, but certainly not bad. Seems a little bit forced. Good song, though. Very cool bridge, too.

Extra Credit: Guitars, Drums, Production, Beat
Special Award: Grooviest Rhythm


Reviewed by:- Amedsped  ,Chicago, Illinois   USA-for the song : Martha
It's a toss-up
as to whether this song belongs in a porno or in a vietnamese loft house with lots of foreigners sitting around sampling beer and planning a trip to the coast. it's so weird i can almost see it the late afternoon sun coming in a bunch of people in the dusty air, the humidity stifling...perhaps some sort of wild fish dish being prepared in the kitchen.

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