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Review by : C Squier Buffalo, New York .For the song :NO MESSAGE (live)
It's all about atmospheres...
This song reminds me a lot of artists like Sting, Late 80's Yes, Genesis. It definitely paints a picture and the musicianship is very strong and tight. Very enjoyable. What think this song needs is an 84 track studio…..
Review by : brian england St.Andrews, Nova Scotia, Canada .For the song :NO MESSAGE (live)
Great vocals
This tune has a great performance. The feel of the tune goes up and down quite nicely. I love that kind of dynamics. The lead guitar work is very tasty. I would say this is one of the better tunes I've heard on this. Good luck !

Review by : happy hour Jacksonville, Florida .For the song :NO MESSAGE (live)
interesting intro
This is an intersting song. A mix between techno(intro), the miami vice theme song(guitar), and Pink Floyd. I think the guitar does a great job. The vocals mix well as well.

Extra Credit: Production
Review by  rod 42 Big Bear City, California .For the song :NO MESSAGE (live)
Cool vocal and lead work
Nice mellow laid back song. The performances were impressive. done with a lot of feeling.

Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Production
Review by : archdukepatrick North Hills, California .For the song :NO MESSAGE (live)
one for the wicker people
The opening was pretty cool- the background noise gave it plenty of ambience. Guitar's are rockin' on this track! Keep t going !

Extra Credit: Guitars
Review by  blackmore Philly, Pennsylvania .For the song :NO MESSAGE (live)
Aldo Nova?
I think I spelled the band name right. anyway the intro reminded me of Aldo nova. The song is strong on mood, definitely a dramtic appeal. the vocals, the guitars, and the perforamnce are all good.

Extra Credit: Mood
Review by : - jscheirich  Louisville, Kentucky .For the song  SOPHIE'S LEGS (live)
Tight band
I wish this was a studio recording, sounds live. Hard to tell what's going on. This is a little out there for pop/rock, don't know if everyone will get it. Great playing by all. Very talented.

Extra Credit: Guitars, Drums, Bass, Keyboards / Organ / Piano

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